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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 21, 2016 10:30pm-10:41pm GMT

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won their fifth european team gold in a row. the ultimate dream, to win an all—around medal at the olympic games in... at least 2024 or a medal at tokyo in 2020. do you think 2024 is more realistic? yes. yes, i think so. 2020 is a dream, and 2024 is reality? yes. you're that confident? yeah. wow! with confidence like that, it seems britain's future medal prospects remain bright. natalie pirks, bbc news. that's all from us. there will be more on all of those stories and of course any updates on the manhunt for the suspect in the berlin attack on the bbc news channel. here, on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. bye bye. hello i'm 0lly foster, these are our sportsday headlines tonight.
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northampton escape punishment but north's knock raises the issue of concussion once again. kvitova's operation on her injured hand following a knife attack is a success but the double wimbledon champion will be out for at least six months. and plymouth will face liverpool in teh fa cup third round after a long night at newport is settled by a penlaty. —— penalty. george north should not have been allowed to play on against leicester earlier this month after he appeared to briefly lose conciousness. that is the conclusion of the concussion management review group but they have been criticised for failing to sanction northampton. ‘s
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they say that the saints‘ medical team hadn't intentionally ignored the player's best interests but have made nine reccomendations to improve the current pitchside protocols. the rugby players association have given their response this evening. 0ur reporterjames burridge has spent time with saints medical team and was at franklins gardens today when it was announced that they wouldn't be punished. a year or $0 a year or so ago, we spent some time filming behind the scenes with the club's medical team and they, like the other teams, top—flight premiership rugby teams around the world, it is a bad player welfare and concussion is the hot topic.”
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cannot believe they would have put george north's future and welfare in question. the big question mark is how this system works. these clubs are supposed to have tablet technology pitch side so they can review these incidents and look back at them. i still think looking at this incident, why they didn't see the immediate replays that came for eve ryo ne the immediate replays that came for everyone else watching, it appeared that george north was concussed. there are nine recommendations which will be put forward and i am sure they will be looking at this, they cannot afford another incident like this, particularly linked around concussion. there are many experts calling for widespread changes. a little earlier here at the bbc sport centre, i was joined by dr barry 0'driscoll, the former medical advisor at world rugby. 0ne one of those experts. he thinks that much more needs to be done to protect players welfare when it comes to head injuries. this is by no means an isolated case, poor old george north has been
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through the same process several times before. the huge problem here is that the protocols that these players go through when they go off the field is not worth the paper it's written on. its experimenting on players‘ brains. it‘s written on. its experimenting on players‘ brains. first it was five minutes then ten minutes then 13 minutes, no other sport in the world uses it. rugby do not use it in the rest of the sport in the community game, schools game, ladies game, no way. if you have to take a player off, because... to have a concussion assessment, you must suspect concussion and he has to stay off. 0ur suspect concussion and he has to stay off. our own regulations say they must stay off. they are experimenting in that part of the game which is most brutal. when the players go back, the impacts will be huge. this is what is wrong. at the beginning of this season you said they keep experimenting. this new protocol was launched, much song and dance about it. but that northants medical team did not have that video replay in which
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it seemed pretty clear that george north was sparked out momentarily. absolutely, they didn‘t have that, they didn‘t see it, that is something which can probably be put right. but there will be a lot of things happening in the rucks, mauls, where the video will not show the impact. we have to seen the impact from the video and the history of the player and what you find, when you get on the field... if the ref calls the doctor on because a player is lying on the ground, unable to get up, confused, losing balance, that‘s the end. that‘s the end of it everywhere in the world but not an elite rugby. they‘ve had enough examples of how it‘s gone wrong. to now say enough is enough. the double wimbledon champion petra kvitova will be unable to even practise again for at least six months. kvitova needed a four—hour operation on her left hand after a knife attack at her home in the czech republic. a statement from her management team said the surgery went well and outlined the potential timeline
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for her recovery but said it‘s too soon to say when she can return to competition. it‘s thought that the intruder was a burglar and kvitova wasn‘t specifically targeted. league two leaders plymouth argyll have set up a third—round tie against liverpool in the fa cup. the league‘s bottomm club newport county almost pushed tonight‘s replay to penalties but the match was decdied by a penalty in extra time. drew savage reports. best to try and enjoy an occasion like this although the prospect of a trip to liverpool and a half million pound payday is almost always going bea pound payday is almost always going be a bit ofa pound payday is almost always going be a bit of a distraction. graham kerry had his mind on thejob at both sides struggled with a sticky pitch. the best plan, move the ball quickly, see what happened. the home side was close but not exactly vintage fare being served up. as full—time approached and the
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fog descended, the football league‘s bottom fog descended, the football league‘s botto m tea m fog descended, the football league‘s bottom team sensed their opportunity. o'hanlon. locked out by luke mccormack. not a match to savour, the safe ensured the score was goalless after 180 minutes of fa cup football. two extra time. a rash handball gave them the opportunity to ta ke handball gave them the opportunity to take argyle to anfield. so often in matches like this, you pay for not taking your chances but derek adams‘ side will get a second bite of the cherry. this time carey took charge of the proceedings. ending 203 minutes of scoreless football to send his team on a third round pilgrimage to merseyside. far from a classic game of football and certainly a night to remember for the green army. the chelsea assistant coach steve holland willjoin england to work alongside gareth southgate in the same role. holland has been an ever—present in the chelsea dugout for the past seven years, but has worked with southgate for the england
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undfer 21‘s and also with the senior team during southgate‘s 4 match period as interim manager. holland willjoin england full time at the end of the season. west ham are preparing to fend off transfer enquiries next month. they have won their last two in the league but it‘s been a difficult season and their captain mark noble admits he‘s concerned that they could lose some important players, like dimitri payet, once the january transfer window opens. yes, being honest. but there‘s a general concern that we could lose anyone in this window. that is the way football is. there‘s always surprises getting chucked up but someone surprises getting chucked up but someone who‘s played as well as he will always be linked with all the big clubs it‘s going to take a really big beard and something that the club can‘t, sort of, refuse, to get him away from the football club. —— big get him away from the football club. -- big bid. around this time of year, you‘ll see footballers doing their bit in the community. a hospital visit is always popular, and whipps cross isn‘t too far
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from white hart lane chris slegg has more. of 0f tottenham. of tottenham. we are bringing you some presence. that‘s for you, for christmas. there is no safer pair of hands to entrust the precious delivery of christmas present to than those of tottenham goalkeeper, hugo lloris. though, maybe, he wouldn‘t have been every london fan‘s number one choice. who do you support? i support arsenal. laughter commentator: first corner of the game. gudmundsson. lloris led france to the runners—up spot at euro 2016 at tottenham to third place last season, their highest league finish for more than a quarter of a century but does he look back on the year as one of success or missed opportunities? unfortunately, we didn‘t get the trophy this season. but we have some good runs. spurs fa ns but we have some good runs. spurs fans and the french national team
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found will be proud for what we did this season. looking ahead to 2017, you look at the premier league table, chelsea ten points clear of


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